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E-textbooks for schools

Mallory for Schools (MfS) has a long and proud history specialising in the supply of physical books to international schools around the world.  As e-textbooks have become more popular, we have listened to the changing needs of customers and built an e-textbook service tailored to those needs.     

Our customers asked for easy integration with learning management systems and access to multiple publishers without the need for numerous platforms, multiple contractual arrangements and multiple logins. This is exactly what our solution provides:

Our solution

  • Integration - we can integrate e-textbooks into a school’s remote learning environment, creating a seamless experience for the student from within their LMS.
  • Administration - we organise everything for you, from quote, to purchase, to invoice. 
  • Contact - you will have a single account manager for advice and help on all aspects of the service. 
  • Cost - there are NO PLATFORM FEES,, so you only pay for the books you purchase.

Our content

  • We currently have titles available from Hodder Education, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press and Collins Educational covering a wide range of subjects from primary to AS/A Level.
  • We also have professional development titles from Bloomsbury. 
  • We are In constant negotiation to add more textbooks from International publishers (CIE, IB, US curriculum) as well as library books.

The benefits

Not only does the MfS e-textbook service solve some of the immediate issues surrounding us today, but it removes freight costs, is better for the environment and enhances your digital offerings to students. The benefits are long standing and highly effective alongside in-class teaching. All part of our determination to be the world’s best educational book and resources supplier to your school.

This exciting new product would normally require many months of development. We have given it very high priority in response to global changes in education and will continue to refine the product as we bring all the publishers you need to the site.