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How it works

We upload the list of items required to your bespoke shop and give parents instructions on how to login.

We would agree a timeframe in which the parents can access the site and make their purchases, usually a 2‐3 week window, and we would agree a delivery date. Parents can view the items, pick and choose by adding to their basket, checkout online with credit card and get the items delivered for pick‐up at your school.

We would send all the parents’ orders at once, for the school to receive and distribute. There is no fee for the school to use the platform, and even better, we can work together on prices to allow for vouchers for your school to spend on books!

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Helping you by serving parents

Do you need your pupils to buy any of their supplies direct from a shop or supplier, rather than them being included in fees? Or do you manage this within school, having to charge pupils individually for extras they choose to buy? Have you ever wondered how to streamline parental access to those supplies? Or have you ever wanted to hold a virtual book fair for parents?