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Mallory statements on CSR, GDPR and customer privacy

The following documents set out Mallory International's position on three key aspects of our business, showing our commitment to the legal and ethical obligations we have to all our stakeholders. The documents can be downloaded.

Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

As a medium-sized exporter of schools’ supplies based in the UK, Mallory International has a responsibility to promote a transparent and ethical approach to the supply of educational resources, all over the world. This document sets out our commitment to the environment, health and safety, people and the community.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Legislation requires Mallory to have and to make available a policy for the collection and management of certain data about customers and staff. This document highlights the key issues relating to our compliance with these regulations.

Customer privacy

When you become a Mallory customer - or you register with us – we collect and process certain basic information about you. This document explains the extent of this process, the rules under which we hold that information and your rights in relation to that data.