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Christmas opening hours 2022

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

COVID-19 - Update for customers

COVID-19 - Update for customers

This update is mostly to reassure our customers, but also to give some important information.
We are here. We are all well, though most of us are working from home. The coronavirus mostly impacts on people, not goods, and inbound deliveries look normal as far as we can tell at the moment, though inbound air freight from the United States is costing a bit more - which we will absorb.
Most of our suppliers are engaged, directly or indirectly, in supply to UK schools as well as for export. All UK schools are closing this week, and many of them will not be placing orders for the time being – so we think availability of supplier stock should be good in the immediate future, though this can obviously not be guaranteed indefinitely.

Air freight is a potential issue. The reduction in air passenger traffic inevitably impacts on freight, so flights are fewer and more expensive. We have decided to absorb the extra air freight costs for orders received before 15th April. After that it will depend on the market position. There are also rather fewer sailings, but the effects are currently minor. In general, the earlier we can process orders the better. But if orders are late, we will manage.

With our exceptionally strong and direct connections to manufacturers, publishers and other suppliers, and our long experience in both the UK and the USA, we are in a very good position to control the supply process on your behalf – and to make sure that orders we have placed get to the front of the queue. We are monitoring progress with all orders – and you can use our portal to do the same.